Earthtones Volume 2

my track :daleko: appears on Earthtones Volume 2 released on UK-based Tessellate recordings.

a two hour digital compilation complete with bonus artwork for each track provided by the artists of their local surroundings.

compilation is dedicated to the memory of Tim David Brice who passed in January 2014. 

for streaming & downloading and/or for info about other releases of this interesting label, please visit Tessellate Recording.  


urban blues [cd]


when you listen to music while walking in the city, background sounds and noises may supplement it in a non-recurring way and, even if you know the track by heart, your only feeling for the very first moment is that something is different… I have tried to capture this feeling of reverse déjà-vu on my new album “urban blues” which presents a trip through the city – the city you believe you are familiar with, but, on the other hand, your feeling that something is wrong is increasing.

new cd album "urban blues" was released on 25 January 2014 by the Polish label Zoharum Records. album consists of 8 track [maľovanie dúhy / night blooming / zavtra / textures / urban blues / all summer in a day / v ohni so mnou poď / all souls (will be born again)] and comes in the edition of 300 ecopacks. 

physical copies can be obtained here.

digital version is available through Zoharum bandcamp.    


urban blues [cd]

Photo: STROM NOIR 'Urban Blues'  CD // ZOHAR 060-2
Release date: 25.01.2014

new cd album "urban blues" will be released on 25 January 2014 by the Polish label Zoharum Records. album consists of 8 track [maľovanie dúhy / night blooming / zavtra / textures / urban blues / all summer in a day / v ohni so mnou poď / all souls (will be born again)] and will come in the edition of 300 ecopacks. digital version will be available through label bandcamp site.   

for more info, samples & info about other great releases, please visit ZOHARUM


tanec rusaliek [cassette]

new cassette album "tanec rusaliek" was released today by the Russian label DRONARIVM. album consists of 2 tracks [tanec rusaliek / niekedy sa vracajú] and "long & calm" are the two words I would use to describe it. for the time being album is available on cassette only but the digital version will be available on my bandcamp site soon.

for more info, samples & orders, please visit DRONARIVM .


morning [double split ep]

double split ep with Spheruleus (UK artist Harry Towell, who has released work through the likes of Hibernate, Home Normal and Under The Spire) titled "morning" was released today by the Audio Gourmet netlabel. originally both started as two separate EPs but as they both included the word ‘morning’ in the title, we decided to present them as a split release.

EPs come in two format:

digital version is available as "pay what you want" here.

there are also 70 physical copies available, which includes both EPs on two separate discs as well as a free digital version downloadable immediately, here.



two of my tracks "fihavanana" and "sundance" appeared on the second volume of the new Drone records LP series DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE. This LP-series from Germany based Drone Records is dedicated to the Drones of the World, and the Drones of our Minds and represents a kind of continuation of the famous Drone 7"-series.

full  line-up:

YANN NOVAK (USA), STROM NOIR (Slovakia), EMMA YA (Colombia) & KARL BÖSMANN (Germany).

all  LPs come with full colour cover & pressed in editions of 500 copies in 4 vinyl-colours:
red & black mixed // solid silver mixed with black // white, solid blue & transparent green mixed // chrystal clear with blue and black.

for more details, info about other releases and HUGE mail-order list (probably the largest within the continental Europe), please visit here.


A Winter´s Gift


i have participated by a track to "A Winters Gift" a charity compilation compiled by Hibernate recordings. profits from the album will go to Crisis Counselling, a charity established in 1996 to significantly reduce the barriers and exclusion in mental health care.

originally released as a CD and given away for free with a ticket purchased for hibernate's Winter's Gift show at Cafe Oto, London + now is available for download via Bandcamp with 100% of proceeds going to the Crisis Councelling charity. 
Please donate and buy the album if you can afford it here.